Nordicfest 2016
Entertainment Schedule
                 Outdoor Entertainment

Friday September 9th 2016

1:00 PM: For God & Country

2:00 PM: Mark & Connie Kreuz - Stagefright

3:00 PM: Shauney Fisher

4:00 PM: Elementary School Choir

5:00 PM: Mark & Ann Mason, Dick Harlow & Monica Anderson

6:00 PM: Old Friends Making Music, ( PCLM BAND )
 Mike Powel, Lee Tonner, Patti Lennard, Carol Cady,

Saturday September 10th 2016

1:00 PM: Hannah Thrasher

2:00 PM: For God and Country

3:00 PM: Rod and the Shaunannigins

4:00 PM: Zumba

5:00 PM: Spinning Squares
Singing Sons of Beaches
September 10th, 8:00 PM
At the VFW Community Center
Special Thanks To Frank Chiaverini of
Northwest Music in Troy Montana, for all
the time he has donated over the years
with the sound systems for all the
entertainers on our outdoor stage!